Whole Hearted Worship

Psalm 96

This morning, Brother Danny shares Psalm 96 with us, to help us determine what Whole-Hearted Worship is supposed to look like. There were four key points to the message this morning: 1. Whole-hearted worship is God-honoring. We should always be careful to enthusiastically praise God, because He is worthy of all honor. 2. Whole-hearted worship is filled with joy. Even in the toughest of times, our worship should be filled with notes of joy. 3. Whole-hearted worship is bursting with hope. We need to gratefully embrace the hope that God offers when the world threatens us with despair. 4. Whole-hearted worship is a pathway to sharing. We need to share the works of the God that we worship with a world that has no Idea who God is.

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