Sermons from Bay Vista Baptist Church

Delight in Worship

This morning, Brother Danny shared with us the first 6 verses of Isaiah chapter 12. In these verses, it is important to see that, when awakening comes to the church, we will be able to delight in worship. Our worship will be marked by gratitude, for what God has done for his people; trust, that he will keepm his promises to his people; and enthustiastic joy as we set our pride aside and we allow ourselves to really worship. Most of all, Delightful worship is marked by a desire to share that worship with others, that they may come to know the Lord.

Isaiah 12:1-6     Bro. Danny Nance     June 13th, 2021

To the Work

This morning, Brother Danny Spoke to us about having the right priorities in our life. In order to prioritize God first in our lives, we have to be real about the situation that we find oursleves in. Then we need to acknowledge the consequences of continuing in that situation. We need to hear God’s call on our lives. And we need to be prepared for God to stir our hearts.

Haggai 1:1-15     Bro. Danny Nance     June 6th, 2021

What If?

This morning, Brother Danny shares with us the “what if” when God renews our hearts. If we are honest and observe the condition of our un-renewed heart, we will find that it is divided, it is stubborn and refuses to bend, and it is yielded to disobedience. We need to ask God to renew our heart, make it sigularly focused on the will of God, to soften it and make it plable to God’s word, and to strengthen it, to make it resist the tempations to sin and go our own way.

Ezekiel 11:19-21     Bro. Danny Nance     May 30th, 2021

The Redeeming God and Savior

Today, Brother Danny and the congregation took a look at the great plan of God’s redemption and our Communion with the church throughout history and around the world.

Various     Bro. Danny Nance     May 23rd, 2021

Awakening's Beginning

Today, Brother Danny takes us through 2 Chronicles chapter 34, to show three principles of Awakening that must take place in our lives. The first of which is that only God’s word can convict us of the need for awakening in our spiritiual lives. Once that conviction begins to take place, God’s people begin to influence others to awaken. Finally, as awakening grows withing the people of God, we will sense a growing need to turn away from the things that can hinder our spiritual walk. Once we renew our passion for the full counsel of God’s word, and we allow God to work in and through each of us, the church will not be the same.

2 Chronicles 34:29-33     Bro. Danny Nance     May 16th, 2021

The Call to Decision

This morning, Brother Danny brought us to Joshua 24, verses 14 through 27. This passage helps us understand that one of the keys to the revival that must come is that we must, individually and repeatedly decide how we will respond to God’s call to decision. We must choose to take a public stand as a follower of jesus. This doesn’t mean being abrasive or obnoxious in our Christianity, but it does mean that we have to live publicly for Jesus. We also have to know that this commitment does not come lightly. There is a cost to being a disciple of Christ, we must reckon that cost every day. Finally, we have to follow through with the choice, and by God’s grace, we can.

Joshua 24:14-27     Bro. Danny Nance     May 9th, 2021

Return to the Lord

This morning, Brother Danny shared with us from the Book of Hosea, the call for repentance for God’s people. There are three key points to this message. First, in order to have real repentance, one must have real awareness of sin. We have have to realise that sin isn’t merely a mistake, it is a crippling problem. Second, real repentance requires more than platitudes of apology. It must come from a contrite heart. Finally, we need to be assured that real repentance is not something we do on our own, but is something that can only take place by the grace of God.

Hosea 14:1-4     Bro. Danny Nance     May 2nd, 2021

If You Are Thirsty

This morning, Brother Danny shared from the prophecy of Isaiah, chapter 55, verses 1 through 3. In this passage, God says three things to his covenant people, and these three things have great implication for the church. First, God says “I can freely give you what you need.” God’s grace is what we need in order to be renewed and awakened to the call of the gospel. Second, God says “I can offer you a satisfaction that the world cannot.” No matter where we may try to find satisfaction, only God can give us what our soul desires. Finally, God says “I can fulfill your life with a faithful love.” As many people in the church struggle with self doubt, God offers us His amazing covenant love.

Isaiah 55:1-3     Bro. Danny Nance     April 25th, 2021

Back to Basics

This morning, using the text from 2 Chronicles 30, verses 1 through 9, Brother Danny calls the church to go back to basics. In this text, we find three truths that the church needs to take hold of. First, we need to return to what has been neglected. For the people of Judah, that was the observance of the Passover. For the church of today, we need to return to the spiritual disciplines that we once had a passion for. Second, we must pay attention to God’s call to return. God always calls his people to return to him before he brings punishment in their lives. We must be willing to listen. Finally, we need to follow through with our commitments to return. God is calling the church to return to him, we must decide if we will heed the call.

2 Chronicles 30:1-9     Bro. Danny Nance     April 18th, 2021

A Disturbing Cycle

As we begin a new series this morning, Brother Danny shares with us from the Book of Judges, chapter 2, verses 10-19. In these verses we see the pattern of the book, and the life of Israel immediately following the conquest of Canaan. Brother Danny encourges us to consider the cause of stumbling, as it is shown in Judges. When we fail to acknowledge God, we will suffer calamity. Rather we must constantly be renewed in our relationship with God. We must also consider the effect of stumbling. The human condition says that we WILL serve something. Only a vital connection with God will fill our lives with meaning. Finally, there is a solution to the stumbling that our sin will cause. We will embrace that solution when we take a serious turn toward following God’s mercy.

Judges 2:10-19     Bro. Danny Nance     April 11th, 2021
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