Sermons from Bay Vista Baptist Church

A Promise Fulfilled

Today we covered God’s fulfillment of His promise to Abraham and Sarah. This passage is one of tremendous joy that we can share in knowing that, even after we make mistakes and try to take God’s plan into our hands, God will always keep His promises.

Genesis 21:1-7     Bro. Danny Nance     September 3rd, 2023

Old Habits Die Hard

In today’s sermon Bro. Danny told us how we need to trust in God regardless of our human judgement. A major point the he covered in this sermon is that self reliance should not be our only hope.

Genesis 20:1-18     Bro. Danny Nance     August 27th, 2023

A Plea for Mercy

IN today’s sermon Bro. Danny told us about the right that we have to pray boldy. We need to go to God boldly in our prayer, not unsure of our right to talk to God our Heavenly Father.

Genesis 18:16-33     Bro. Danny Nance     August 20th, 2023

An Amazing Encounter

Today we continued our look at the faith of Abraham. Today Bro. Danny reminded us that, even in the most mundane of circumstances, God can make Himself known to us. When God comes to us in these uneventful times, we must be careful that we do not overlook Him reaching out to us.

Genesis 18:1-15     Bro. Danny Nance     August 13th, 2023

Do We Make Much of Jesus

Today’s sermon was brought to us today by Bro. Bill Collum. In this sermon he told us that John the Baptist moved to a town called Aenon to presumably continue baptizing people in God’s name. The reason John would have had to do this is because during the dry season the Jordan river does not flow as swiftly and Aenon had many natural springs that he could use.

John 3:22-36     Bro. Bill Collum     August 6th, 2023

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

In today’s sermon Bro. Danny spoke of how God finally affirmed Sarai as the woman of whom would bear the child of promise to Abraham. Sometimes we are foolish like Abraham and don’t believe that what God has said could possibly be true, but we need to trust in God that He will be faithful to His word.

Genesis 17:15-22     Bro. Danny Nance     July 30th, 2023

The Sign of the Covenant

Today Bro. Danny told us about how God changed Abram’s name to Abraham. In today’s passgage we learned that God also told Abraham to be circumcised and that all in his family should be circumcised in reverance of God.

Genesis 17:1-14,23-27     Bro. Danny Nance     July 23rd, 2023

A Gracious Promise

In today’s sermon Bro. Danny reminded us of how God made a promise to Hagar even though her actions aided Moses in sinning against God.

Luke 15:1-7     Bro. Danny Nance     July 16th, 2023

Trying to "Help" the Lord

In today’s sermon, Bro. Danny told us how many times we try to fulfill God’s promises for Him. We need to prevent ourselves from attempting to help, because many times it ends in failure.

Genesis 16:1-6     Bro. Danny Nance     July 9th, 2023

Covenants, New and Old

In today’s sermon Bro. Danny shared with us how Abram struggled with understanding God’s promise about the land, even though he had faith God would deliver on His promise about the decendants.

Genesis 15:7-21, 1 Corinthians 11:23-27     Bro. Danny Nance     July 2nd, 2023
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